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Selling a tax lien is simple. We can generally have a tax lien offer in your hands in just a few days and close within a matter of weeks.  We have the ability to offer up to full Redemptive Value, allowing you to walk away with your entire investment.

The Sale

The steps are easy:

  1.  Fill out the necessary information on the submission form
  2. Guardian reviews the lien(s) and the underlying collateral.
  3. Based on the quality of the lien, we will make an offer to you.
  4. Once accepted, sale documents are forwarded to you for review and signature.
  5. When we receive the signed documents and lien(s) document(s) along with all the support that goes with them, we forward payment to you.

It is as simple as that. We are here to assist you with all your tax lien needs.

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