The Reality of Foreclosure


Your tax lien is a first lien position on the property and if the owner does not bring their taxes current, you end up with the property! Sounds easy…..doesn’t it?

In reality, “ending up with the property” is not an easy proposition.  Many times, the legal expenses can outweigh your ability to collect and in some cases the property itself proves not to be worth the effort because it has been abandoned and deteriorated.  In some cases, a lien may not even grant you 100% of the property which creates an additional layer of legal headaches and uncertainty.

If you’ve gone so far to take ownership of the property and someone is still living (or squatting) in the property…..then what?

Guardian has experience dealing with all these “messy” scenarios of dealing with the tax lien and REO business and routinely deals with the liquidation of both the tax liens and real estate.  We have the resources available to handle liens from acquisition to liquidation.

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